General Manager recruitment

General Manager recruitment – think like a hunter!

General Manager recruitmentAdjustments in the General Manager recruitment talent supply and demand marketplace escalated post-GFC (’07-’08) and have been exacerbated post-Covid (’20-’21). Recruitment practices within larger organisations are generally more innovative; less-so with the typically under-resourced, small-medium enterprises which, however, account for the vast majority of the workforce. Indications suggest that pressure on demand for talent will only intensify into the foreseeable future.

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Access Our 2022 Talent Strategy Survey Results

ACCESS OUR 2022 TALENT STRATEGY SURVEY RESULTS With the desire to continue to support clients and businesses throughout and beyond the impacts of a pandemic, PEK Human Systems contacted over 200 organisations to research Human Resources pain points and challenges.

Why We Are Trusted Partners

WHY ARE WE TRUSTED BY OUR CLIENTS? PEK Human Systems and their business partners comprehend organisational dynamics and the requirements to effectively tackle people issues to clients’ satisfaction. Whether these are individual, interdependent or enterprise-wide, we’re not in the business of a short-term fix which compromises long-term gain. Client relationships over years have featured ’open […]

The Link Between Employee Productivity and Lockdown Anxiety – How Leaders Can Help.

THE LINK BETWEEN EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY AND LOCKDOWN ANXIETY – HOW LEADERS CAN HELP According to highly respected Not-for-Profit, The Black Dog Institute (BDI), COVID-19 has impacted organisations negatively in terms of both short-term and long-term psychological consequences. Lockdown anxiety specifically is recognised as a stressor with its impact increasingly under scrutiny when it comes to […]

360 Degree Surveys; Curse or Praise?