Navigate Meaningful Change

Career progression and transition advisory services are provided to client individuals – on a mentor relationship basis. The emphasis in career mentoring is to identify and attain an individual client’s next, ideal role e.g. a lateral or vertical move, a new industry or work contract.

Our emphasis is representing and advocating an individual, particularly in the “hidden” jobs market. We source and evaluate opportunities; on which basis clients confirm their level of interest in the role. Our advisory services extend through the recruitment, selection and appointment negotiation processes; until the client achieves a desired outcome.

Career mentoring typically applies to executives, managers and emerging leaders. Our programs enhance an individual’s self-awareness, interpersonal effectiveness, competitive advantage and networking capability.

Each program incorporates the following components:

Stage 1            Direction
Aspirations      values, motivators, goals
Attributes        competencies, behaviours, expertise
Capacity           employment, consultant, non-executive director

Stage 2            Preparation
Documents      executive profile, resume, person-role fit
Introduction     e-business, verbal
Referees           line management, staff, external parties

Stage 3            Research
Market            competitors, customers, suppliers
Trends             associations, cooperative research facilities, overseas
Networking     industry leaders, colleagues, referrals

Stage 4            Promotion
Canvassing      sourcing existing and anticipated jobs
Presentation   default response, 1st impression, exploratory process
Negotiation     role – reward consistency, objectives/expectations, reporting