360 Degree Survey and Feedback

“Raise employee satisfaction, lower dissatisfaction”

An international resources company operating with a significant world-wide market share had experienced rapid growth through acquiring numerous smaller companies. They wanted to test employee satisfaction levels within their Operations teams with which the Executive felt increasingly disconnected.

360 Degree survey questionnaires covering over 500 individuals and 80 teams were completed using a unique, but user-friendly on-line survey platform. The way the process was conducted in itself was essential in raising connectedness and awareness of relevant points. Specific customisations through the questionnaire process as well as reporting techniques enabled informative individual and team reports and critical feedback to be performed.

Through this process, the easy to read reports were prepared for specific managers to understand the impressions they and their team members created: as well as identify gaps for development opportunities that could be used to improve individual and team communication and general work efficacy. A cohort report was also created for the Executive to assist in an appreciation of global trends and separate Operations team reports were made available to Operational Heads. 360 Degree survey feedback included the identity of teams showing the highest level of intra-team discrepancy and employee dissatisfaction: as well as individuals’ interpersonal and performance information, to assist in subsequent performance management and coaching

Kendall Want Associates