Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)

“Fit 2 Management Teams into 1”

Merger and acquisition activity is endemic in organizational life. Mere existence won’t “cut it”; as markets, economics and cultures change. Pro-active adjustments to the workforce are critical: particularly so during M&A activity.

In an important component of a large FMCG company merger process, the best talent amongst two executive pools needed to be selected in forming the new business entity. The process included assessing for the alignment of work fit within the new emerging culture as well as predicted job success in specific roles. Using innovative occupational personality testing, we embarked on a joint recruitment project to identify existing talent levels as well as the talent “gaps.”

Through a structured feedback process with Division Heads, we assisted in their decision-making regarding selection from the two executive pools for the new entity’s senior roles and retention in alternative roles: as well as selection of external executives to fill the talent “gaps.” From the data provided through analysis and the discussion points it raised, we were also able to address systemic talent retention and group compatibility issues.

Kendall Want Associates