Even though the recruitment and labour hire support industry has existed in one form or another for centuries, there is still some uncertainty and even mystique surrounding its benefits, particularly for job seekers. Considering our average of 40 working hours per week, a recruitment process can be life altering irrespective of whether you’re an active, passive or inactive candidate.

In short, the difference in these candidate types is the extent to which they’re in the “jobs market.” Active candidates are searching for opportunity intently. A passive candidate is somewhat or even mostly satisfied in their current role but open-minded to new roles.
Those inactive in the jobs market may transition to passive or active when presented with opportunity elsewhere.

For each type of candidate, the expertise and services of a Recruiter offer potentially, great value. As the Recruiter is working on behalf of a client organisation, these services come at no cost to the candidate.

So, what are the benefits of partnering with a Recruiter?

1. Faster hiring

Irrespective of whether employed or not, Recruiters “drive” the talent sourcing and selection process and are thereby in a position to accommodate a candidate’s timeline. Where a Recruiter doesn’t have an “ideal” role available, their industry, organisation and job seeking insights and advice more quickly positions the candidate to explore openings.

2. Access to roles that aren’t advertised on your go-to job boards

Recruiters are often briefed about future vacancies within their client’s organisation. “Employers of Choice” may not even need to promote vacancies. Relationships with one or more select Recruiter/s could “open up” relevant and exciting opportunities which would otherwise not be advertised/available.

3. Become proactive over reactive

It’s in the interests of Recruiters to support candidates to become better at “selling themselves.” This doesn’t just apply to interviewing skills. Empowering candidates through instruction in planning, researching and engaging with potential employers reinforces their self-reliance and forward-thinking; whether a position is advertised or not.

Why is this an advantage? In an increasingly candidate short market, organisations “know a good candidate when they see one” and will consider hiring them irrespective of whether they have other candidates to consider/compare, or not.

4. Handover the negotiation baton

The beauty of partnering with a professional Recruiter is they willingly take on responsibility for conducting the “hard conversations” regarding employment contract/conditions. Through on-going communication with your Recruiter on a personal level and “knowing your worth”, they will advocate and negotiate on your behalf e.g. salary, bonus/incentives, flexible working arrangements or other perks.

5. Change your career path

Recruiters are rewarded on their ability to find candidates for jobs. Recruiters may “open a door” by way of an opportunity a candidate hasn’t considered. By forming a long-term relationship with your Recruiter leverages their ability to identify and recognise industry sectors/segments of potential relevance.

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