PEK Human Systems and their business partners comprehend organisational dynamics and the requirements to effectively tackle people issues to clients’ satisfaction. Whether these are individual, interdependent or enterprise-wide, we’re not in the business of a short-term fix which compromises long-term gain. Client relationships over years have featured ’open and frank’ dialogue – ensuring no surprises!

Search-led recruitment identifies potential candidates, particularly those with emerging track records and those inactive in the jobs market, therefore off the radar. Our Principal has experience as an in-house hiring manager; a role which doesn’t share the networks, reach or focus of a seasoned recruiter. Talent management requires foresight in evolving person and role fit criteria; partnering with a strategic recruiter enables timely supply of candidates matched to new positions.

Critically, minimising decision-making risk in selection, development, progression and movement of talent is the most tangible benefit of partnering with PEK Human Systems. Our combined expertise leverages platforms i.e. Psychometric Assessment, Learning & Development, Mentoring & Facilitation, Survey Insights & Feedback. Incorporating behavioural and competency frameworks in the analysis and framing of individual appointment or group improvement, change or culture programs provide clients with the assurance and confidence founded on evidence-based decision-making.

Our experience is that clients favour generalist capabilities in their in-house human resources professional or team; where their time and contribution is proportioned across fundamental activities. PEK Human Systems thrives in critical projects or programs requiring specialist intervention; with expertise and scaled time invested to meet timelines and budgets in a cost-effective manner.

PEK Human Systems engages with the Executive Leadership to create and sustain a well-motivated, optimally performing organisation by way of:

· Gaining a fundamental understanding of organisational culture.

· Identifying productive workforce behaviours and competencies.

· Reinforcing achievement-oriented attitudes, motivators and leadership.

· Aligning attributes with roles, structures & systems to strengthen outcomes.

Irrespective of your organisation’s dimensions or lifecycle stage, PEK Human Systems advocates the value of a collaborative workforce. With our extensive, practical experience, we are well-positioned to support your talent initiatives.

Where we work can be broadly described by the following industry sectors; Manufacturing and Engineering, Logistics and Supply Chain, Healthcare and MedTech, Energy and Renewables, Financial Services and Public Sector.